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Bloodwitch Review

by T.L. Branson
Bloodwitch Review

Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard may end up being the shortest review I ever write.

The last 35% of the book was absolutely amazing. An adrenaline-induced flurry of pages and the rush to find out what happens.

The first 65%?

I couldn’t tell you what happened if my life depended on it.


Well because I started reading Bloodwitch over a year ago.

Now before you draw the wrong conclusions, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Bloodwitch, and I quite enjoyed the first two books which I read back to back.

The problem is that at a time where I was trying to read Bloodwitch, I was also finishing up writing my own book as well as finding a new job after moving back to California.

All of this sort of hit about the same time and I just lost track of Bloodwitch somewhere along the way. When I did finally return to the book, I’d forgotten so much of what happened that I read a few chapters, was confused and set it down again.

This cycle when on and on until I said “enough” and plowed through my confusion until the pure intensity of the action compelled me along.

Bloodwitch Review

Bloodwitch Susan Dennard

This is the part where I usually tell you what the book is about. But since I can only remember the last 35%, telling you anything would pretty much be a spoiler, which I don’t do.

I think it’s probably say to tell you that Aeduan, Iseult, and Safi are all separated and pretty much spend the whole book trying to find each other.

A bunch of rather frustrating crap happens (good frustrating), like a particularly annoying witch named Esme who I can’t stand has Merrick in her clutches. Curse you Puppeteer.

But the part of Bloodwitch I do remember (because I just read it all in nearly one sitting not an hour ago), was really awesome!

There’s like 5 different POV characters and Dennard painfully made me cycle through all of them to find out what happens at the cliffhanger that accompanies the ending of every POV. Talk about major mood swings.

One minute I really care about Safi. The next I really care about Iseult, and don’t want to wade through Safi to get back to Iseult. And I didn’t care about Vivia hardly at all.

Like, if there’s one dark spot in this review it’s that I found Vivia to be a plainly boring and annoying character that I could have done without the entire time.

And there you have it!

That’s about all I can say about Bloodwitch without spoiling the story.

If you’ve read Truthwitch and Windwitch, Bloodwitch is a necessary and I very much look forward to Book 4 when it launches in February of 2021.

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