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Fury and Flame by H.R. Camarillo

by Ashley Dew

Fury and Flame by H.R. Camarillo

Ollie’s kind are dwindling.

The once respected witches have been hunted for decades by the Fae, forcing them to reside in the deadly Darkwood. As if dealing with witch hunters isn’t bad enough, people are disappearing. When Ollie discovers an opportunity to save her people and search for her missing friend, she jumps at the chance, ignoring the danger it puts her in.

Ryker, an elven general, is no stranger to war. When his close friend— the king’s son— seeks his aid to overthrow the tyrant Fae Queen, Ryker agrees. On this endeavor, he is partnered with Ollie—the foul mouthed witch who sets fire to his heart and soul— to investigate a slew of disappearances throughout their joined lands. The only problem: Ryker is a mated man—still grieving the loss of his soulmate.

With the kingdoms of the realm on the brink of war, can Ollie and Ryker navigate a rebellion, as well as their growing feelings for each other?

Lovers of Jennifer L Armentrout and Sarah J Maas will love this debut high fantasy romance full of magic, morally grey characters, and mates.