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Gryphon Riders Book Review

by Mike Shelton
Gryphon Riders Review

I’ve read my fair share of books about dragons, but never one with Gryphons! And I definitely was not disappointed. Riding a Gryphon sounds amazing.

Eva, An outsider in a small village far away from the Gryphons and their riders is living a normal life as the apprentice of a local blacksmith. Her parents are presumed dead and she is resigned to live a normal and quiet life–until she finds what is presumed to be a stolen Gryphon egg. And then, as you can imagine her life gets a bit crazy.

I love the world that Siddoway created here, full of feuding lands and rulers, strange creatures, dangerous foes-both within and within the ranks of the Gryphon riders, and coming of age heroes.

The characters are fully fleshed out–making you care for them and root them on, the Gryphons, the riders, and their hierarchy is explained well.

I stayed up late many times reading to finish this exciting, unique, and adventurous trilogy. Once I thought I had things figured out the author through in wonderful twists and turns, keeping the story fresh and engaging until the final epic moments.

Don’t miss this one!

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