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Kindred Kingdoms by K.R.S. McEntire

by Ashley Dew

Kindred Kingdoms by K.R.S. McEntire

Mythical Kingdoms. Dangerous Beasts. Unforgettable Romance. Kinship as strong as magic. 

A plus-sized dragon rider proves her worth. A human falls in love with an elven prince. A young girl fights for her life when betrothed to a murderous king. A warrior princess fights to reclaim her kingdom

Kindred Kingdoms invites readers on fifteen epic fantasy-inspired adventures that celebrate diversity, embrace culture, and explore the bonds of kinship. Our outcasts, anti-heroes, and unlikely chosen ones will find adventure, friendship, romance, and self-worth as they slay dragons, save kingdoms, and embrace their inner magic. In this collection of fantasy stories based on numerous cultures and mythologies, we put characters of color, characters with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ characters front and center in this epic adventures about dragons, enchanted weapons, portals to new worlds, witches, warriors, angels, and more!