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Memories, Lies, and Other Binds by Katy Foraker

by Ashley Dew

Memories, Lies, and Other Binds by Katy Foraker

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES meets THE DA VINCI CODE in a thrilling dark academia take on urban fantasy

Zoey Prescott doesn’t age, which gives the bookish demonologist plenty of time to focus on her work at the Research Institute of Demonic Entities and Rarities (RIDER). She’s also there to figure out why she stopped aging at twenty-two, even though the mind-bending hypnotherapy sessions to help her remember seem to cause more harm than good. 

When a serial killer targeting powerful witches emerges, Zoey ignores her colleagues’s advice not to hunt for the murderous vampire responsible…who unfortunately happens to be her brother. RIDER won’t let Zoey slide a stake into her vile sibling’s heart alone. She joins her ex, who dumped her for a mortal (and no, she’s still not over it), and a fledgling witch who could be the killer’s next victim. 

But when her brother claims he’s innocent and that a larger threat is about to shake both the human and supernatural worlds, Zoey becomes caught in a dangerous game of truth and lies.

Can Zoey choose the right side before a twisted conspiracy stains her soul? 

About Katy Foraker

Katy Foraker is an American author, and fashion-loving fan-girl, who works as a CPA when she’s not writing. She loves morning walks to Georgetown, bingeing early 2000’s supernatural shows, local cafes, and buttery croissants. She lives in Washington, DC with her Maine Coon-mix cat, Lola.