Home Shadowsphere by Kevin Cox (Bewilderness #2)

Shadowsphere by Kevin Cox (Bewilderness #2)

by Ashley Dew

Shadowsphere by Kevin Cox (Bewilderness #2)

A mission no one has ever returned from.

A young man who’ll stop at nothing to survive.

And an unknown world that’ll swallow him whole.

Tavarian, a resident of Rethia on the planet Isodonia, knows all about the yearly group of students sent to the toxic planet surface in search of lightning-filled stones. The stones power everything, so the lucky few who are immune to the suffocating clouds must harvest them and bring them home. 

But it’s a mission no one ever returns from.

Tavarian is about to find out why no one ever comes home when he’s one of the group sent to search for stones. Nothing will ever be the same once the young man faces strange whispering shadows; not even Tavarian. Will he be the first to make it home? Or is he doomed to follow in the footsteps of those lost before him?