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Songs of Stone by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales #5)

by Ashley Dew

Songs of Stone by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales #5)

Criminals don’t get second chances. Not ones like her.

Piper does what the Red Enchanter tells her to do even if it involves breaking out prisoners, causing storms, or kidnapping children with her enchanted fife. Her own morals don’t matter anymore. She only has two years left until she’s done doing his dirty work—if she doesn’t get caught. 

After a chance encounter, Prince Valens starts to show up everywhere she goes, far too curious for her comfort. If she’s arrested, then every horrible thing she’s done over the last few years will have been for nothing, but how long can she avoid the conscience Prince Valens stirs in her mind—or worse her heart?

Prince Valens has never stood still a day in his life, so when he’s given the chance to investigate a string of unexplained disasters and amnesia cases, he doesn’t hesitate. It also doesn’t hurt when he keeps running into a mysterious girl in a red coat, until he starts to wonder why she’s connected to all of these cases.

Valens has always loved the chase, but he never realized how easy it was to fall instead. Every encounter with Piper leaves him breathless and reeling. As much as he wants to help her, he can’t let her get away with her crimes, but… what if she’s the key to something so much bigger?

About Celeste Baxendell

Celeste Baxendell has always read anything she could get her hands on, but once she read her first fantasy novel, she was hooked and hasn’t looked back since. 

Her love of magic, adventure, and romance hasn’t waned with age, and she endeavors to write nail-biting stories with compelling, complex characters, and finding light in dark times. 

She is incredibly blessed to spend her time writing from her favorite chair with her legs curled up under her as she fights the southern heat. When she isn’t writing, she’s either reading, drawing, or sewing, in that order, and most likely thinking about writing as she does.