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Storm and Fury Review

by Cynthia Bujnicki
Storm and Fury cover

Oh, this was a brilliant novel! Jennifer L. Armentrout has astounded readers yet again with Storm and Fury, a genuinely unique and breathtaking novel.

Storm and Fury Review

Storm and Fury by Jennifer Armentrout
Inkyard Press

This novel reminded me of Gargoyles in all the best ways. I loved that cartoon, still do, in fact, I just binged watched it with my son. That is part of what drew me to this novel, the fact that it was about Gargoyles and that is not something that I have seen already made the novel stand out to me. Then I started reading it and it blew me away.

Great Writing

Storm and Fury follows Trinity, a human girl living with Gargoyles, typically called, Wardens. Wardens protect humankind from demons; that is their purpose in life. For Trinity, things get a little more complicated. She can see and speak to Spirits and Ghosts, and she is not entirely human. That was great. All through the novel, I kept asking myself what she is if she is not human. It intrigued me, keep me engaged in Trinity’s backstory. Armentrout also using subtle language to tell the reader that there is something wrong with her eyesight.

Armentrout is a great writer. She uses language to brilliantly in her storytelling because she never just gives anything away to the reader. Instead, she keeps the reader engaged by creating intrigue and mystery.

Amazing Protagonist

Furthermore, what I also loved was the way she brings Trinity to life.

Trinity is reckless and impulsive, but more than that, she is lonely and compassionate. Moreover, she does have a disability, but she does not let that keep her down. Instead, Trinity is the strongest character in the novel, physically and mentally. Trinity’s history, her backstory is grief-stricken, and while the guilt lingers there, she uses it as fodder to push herself further in her training.

Armentrout has told a brilliant story here with Gargoyles reminiscent of Goliath and Demona, filled with demons with loving hearts, and a girl who just wants to belong. It is moving, thoughtful, action-packed, and unpredictable, and that is what makes it so brilliant.

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