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Sufficiently Advanced Magic Review

by Alex Campbell
Sufficiently Advanced Magic Review

Name————– Andrew Rowe
Achievements——- Sufficiently Advanced Magic
Skill Level———- Immeasurable
AP (Awesome Points)– ∞/∞

In this awesome story you follow Corin as he tries to gain an attunement, climb the levels of a perilous tower to find his lost brother, maintain face throughout family politics and weave through a myriad of plots filled with danger, classes that seem to be just as dangerous as actually climbing the tower and the trials of everyday teen life.

Sufficiently Advanced Magic Review

Sufficiently Advanced Magic Andrew Rowe

Andrew Rowe has made a believer out of me.

I was on the fence about this genre and took the plunge on the word of a friend (thank you!).

Let me tell ya ladies and gentlemen, Rowe blew me away with this story! A fantastic blend of RPG video game elements and epic fantasy that work in harmony to make a unique and amazing world.

If you too are riding the fence on litRPG, like I was, you should just close your eyes and jump into the blitzkrieg vortex of vivid gaming wonderment because this story can change the way you look at YA Fantasy and Fantasy novels in general.

Sufficiently Advanced Magic mixes astounding action with great characters, some mysterious and others that you love (Me and Patrick could be best buds, you could be too if you didn’t judge me for being friends with ‘characters from a book’) and yet others that you love to hate.

That all combines to build a world that sucks you in, takes away your breath, knocks you on the head and has you begging for more. Arcane Ascension promises to be an unforgettable series!

The reader in me couldn’t put this story down. The way Rowe intertwines his vivid environments and richly imagined characters lends the whole thing a reality you don’t see every day.

The gamer in me is kinda miffed that this thing isn’t available on consoles across America. Too many times to count I kept thinking, ‘this part would be epic in a game!’ or ‘I would love to pit my brain against these puzzles!’ So I am eagerly (but not so patiently) waiting for there to be an Arcane Ascension video game *coughs into fist, “Playstation”*

The only downside to reading Sufficiently Advanced Magic was that I had an incredibly hard time putting it down, and so it was over far too quickly for me. The plus side is there are so many more stories set in the Arcane Ascension world!

I also love that Sufficiently Advanced Magic and the series it belongs to can be read by itself or you can choose to read any of the companion books that are set in the same world but in different times or locales. I started here and took the leap into all of the others Rowe has to offer.

Final Thoughts

War of Broken Mirrors is another great book by Rowe that you should consider reading (review on that book still to come.)

Andrew Rowe is making history and writing the future of fantasy. I’m glad to be a passenger on this rocket-ship to Planet Awesome.

Hope you found this review helpful and that it has aided in your decision to read Sufficiently Advanced Magic (you totally should!)

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