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Sword of Light Review

by Cynthia Bujnicki

Sword of Light was such a fun story. At only 170 pages, this novel is a quick and energetic read. J.C. Lucas has given readers a quick story here, but one that does not lack for a story. It has the right amount of detail and history to lure the reader in, as well as excellent pacing, keeps the reader engaged.

Sword of Light Review

Sword of light book cover
Sword of Light by J.C. Lucas

The pacing is vital here because, given the length, Lucas has to ensure that the momentum never lacks. She gives the reader a sound story, one rich with detail. It progresses quite fast, going from one thing to another, but it never loses the reader and strays from clichés just a tad. Andie may be “the chosen one,” but she has so much to learn from where she came from.

Fun and Lighthearted

Lucas uses just the right amount of detail to stir the reader’s imagination. It is easy to realize this small town and the people in it, grounding the reader in the story. Seeing Andie go to school, seeing her enter the woods, and seeing her talk to a parrot is all so vivid.

There is also this blend of Roman and Norse mythology. Lucas’s depiction of Diana, Goddess of the Moon, and the Hunt is beautiful, honoring the origins of this Goddess. She is a force to be reckoned with and Lucas honors this being with her description of her. Adding in Freya as the queen of the elves was also another interesting tidbit. It was unique and allowed the fantasy to breathe and be somewhat unique.

As for Andie herself, there are times she and the character dynamics fall into clichés. However, that does not spoil the overall enjoyment of the novel because of her spunk, her charm, and her flaws, they make her relatable.

Sword of Light is a lighthearted read but packed with a fantastic adventure and fun characters.

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