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The Archer Princess by E.P. Bali

by Ashley Dew

The Archer Princess by E.P. Bali


When a dangerous ancient king and his warriors are unexpectedly released from an eternal sleep, one girl is forced into a situation she’s done everything in her power to avoid: marriage. 

For her own safety, second-born princess Altara has made a run for it, across the sea to a school for young ladies, deep in the tropical forests of her mother’s native home, the Ellythian Isles.

Keeping her name and title secret she goes undercover to try to live a normal life at the school. But not everything is as it seems and cracks begin to appear in the school’s facade.

Worse, four bloodthirsty warriors have suddenly appeared at her doorstep and are demanding to re-claim their kingdom. Drawn to the self-proclaimed, ruthless King Ashzale Boneweaver, Altara must navigate her own growing powers, forced weddings and the political machinations of the terrifying, alluring magical warriors they call the Old Ones.

About E.P. Bali

I’m an Australian award winning author of Fantasy and Paranormal Fiction in Middle Grade, Adult and soon, YA. I’ve been featured in various newspapers: The Redland City Bulletin, The Fiji Times and the Fiji Sun. 
I was born in Suva, Fiji but grew up in Melbourne Australia, and am now based in Brisbane. Straight after high school I studied Nursing & Midwifery at Deakin University and worked as a Midwife for 8 years before I left Midwifery due to extreme burn out. 

Writing The Travellers changed my life. It gave me something to live for after the burn out and trauma of working in healthcare from a young age. 
I wrote my very first story in grade three and was inspired by Australian author Emily Rodda, who wrote Deltora Quest. And I credit that series for starting my passion for writing.