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The Dark Tide Review

by Cynthia Bujnicki
The Dark Tide Review

The Dark Tide by Alicia Jasinska, is a gripping dark fairy-tale fantasy.

An excellent dark fantasy. Honestly, this was such a good novel, and the LGBTQ representation was excellent. The fact that it just exists in the story, so naturally, makes the novel astounding.

It also adds to the world-building and the depth of the characterization since the main character has two moms. It is invigorating to see it just bleed into the confines of the societal structure in the novel. In a way, it makes the novel more realistic and impactful.

The Dark Tide Alicia Jasinska

The Dark Tide Review

Exceptional Storytelling

As for the story, the world-building is exceptional. There are snippets of where these people came from and why they live in a world that is both beautiful and tragic.

It gives off this wonderful feeling, luring the reader into the story and history of the world without being overwhelming. It has a breathtaking edge to it as it is something rather unique.

The Dark Tide also steps away from classic fantasy tropes and cliches revolving dark fantasy, witches, and romance, making the novel even more engaging for the reader.

Jasinska did a fantastic job in constructing this novel, giving the reader a look at the characters, a look at their pain, guilt, remorse, and desires. She creates complex characters in a complex narrative to keep the story engaging.

Lina is the unsuspecting heroine of the novel and works hard to keep those she cares about safe.

Admittedly, Lina is not the most engaging character in the beginning. Lina is undoubtedly relatable, but it is not until she meets Eva that she comes to life. And that has to do with the character dynamics.

Eva is a brilliant character because of her complex nature. In the beginning, it does not seem that way, but as the story continues, it peels away layers of her past to reveal why she has so much anger, so much grief, and her connection with Lina, it is empowering to both of them. Together they make such an incredible duo.

Final Thoughts

The Dark Tide is a fantastic novel. The perfect pacing allows all aspects of the novel to grow and develop into a beautiful breath of fresh air.

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