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Wayward Witch Review

by Cynthia Bujnicki
Wayward Witch Review

Much like the previous novels, Wayward Witch follows the youngest of the Mortiz daughters as she embarks on a personal journey while attempting to save her father and the fairy kingdom of Adas. While doing so, Rose also has to find a way to control her newfound power, one similar to the Devourer. Rose’s main conflict is trying to reconcile the similarities between her magic and the evil witch who almost destroyed her family from Labyrinth Lost.

Wayward Witch Review

wayward witch

Above all, Wayward Witch follows the same formula as its predecessors: it is a story of self-discovery.

While struggling to reconcile with her magic, Rose loses faith and creates these barriers between herself and her family.

For instance, unlike her family, Rose sees the cracks in her perfect life, making her question everything. As a result, using magic to destroy the lies, Rose breaks everything keeping her family together.

This thrusts her on an adventure in fairyland.

This journey teaches her much about herself and her power, showing her that her power is what she makes of it. Rose is finally able to break down the walls she had up, allowing her to find the peace she needed to reconnect with her family.

Wayward Witch offers an excellent journey, however, offering up a slower pace. Nevertheless, it does not lack for adventure, nor does it lack thoughtfulness.

For instance, Cordova invented a word for non-binary Brujas. It was undoubtedly a beautiful addition bringing in powerful representation to the novel. It is a detail readers are going to love because it highlights how even the smallest details can be meaningful.

Final Thoughts

In short, Wayward Witch was a great way to bring the story to a perfect close. Overall, it tied up most of the loose ends and brought together a family while highlighting the importance of acceptance, representation, and love.

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