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Twin Daggers Review

by Cynthia Bujnicki
Twin Daggers Review

Twin Daggers is a magical fantasy retelling of Romeo and Juliet. In the fair Technocrats city, twin sisters Aissa and Zandria spy and infiltrate the highest parts of society so that they can destroy the people that decimated her people.

Being a magi, the Technocrats believe Aissa is dangerous. While her kind was decimated, they cursed the Technocrats, creating Heartless. These Heartless are Technocrats who were born without hearts and instead have steam-powered hearts to keep them alive. Abandoned at birth, Heartless struggle to survive.

But there is a rumor that the Queen’s heir is a Heartless.

Aissa’s mission is to kidnap this heir. This is where Aissa meets a Technocrat researcher determined to find a cure for Heartless.

twin daggers

Two kids from different worlds, each one determined to destroy the other come together in unveiling something even more horrible.

Twin Daggers Review

A Compelling Blend of Genre’s

It is a compelling story with many allusions to Romeo and Juliet but different enough to make it unique. The character dynamics, the plotline, and the story altogether, they make the story unique and fresh.

Admittedly, Twin Daggers drags just a little. Connolly spends much time building the world. Now, while this is okay and the imagery brilliant, it seems as though some scenes were just there. These scenes don’t add to the characterization or to the world-building coming off as space fillers.

However, Connolly’s blend of steampunk and fantasy gives the story a fresh edge. This blend of genres keeps the reader enthralled in the world-building that slowly unveils as the story progresses.

Steampunk is such a cool genre and Connolly celebrates it with her storytelling and skill at detail and scene structure.

As for the characterization, there were times when Aissa fell flat, but her tension, her drive, and her conflicted narrative do resonate throughout the novel. In those scenes where the tension is high, those are the scenes where Aissa comes alive, especially when she works her magic. Aissa’s development is slow, but it does happen, allowing the readers to relate to her and like her.

Final Thoughts

Admittedly the romance, it forms to quickly, which is a little unbelievable, but Aro is a charming character and a good foil for Aissa. So their evolution works for the development of the plot.

Twin Daggers is a compelling, exciting story for readers interested in retellings that meld genre’s together.

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