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A Touch of Gold Review

by Cynthia Bujnicki
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A Touch of Gold by Annie Sullivan takes the take of King Midas and gives readers a delightful adventure with a girl marked by gold, pirates, and cursed treasure.

This novel was certainly interesting and enjoyable. Sullivan has shown that she as a knack for breathing creativity in her retellings. A Touch of Gold is the second novel of Sullivan’s that I have had the pleasure to read and review, and Sullivan captures that spark of hers to bring new life to an old story.

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A Touch of Gold Review

The opening of the story is entrancing, giving the reader an understanding of Kora and her relationship with her father, King Midas. This opening is telling the reader a story, a fable of sorts, warning of the curse of greed. Midas turned his daughter to gold, and it has left her marked forever.

Written exceptionally well, the opening captures the reader’s attention, trapping them in the confines of the story. It sets up tension and introduces the reader to Kora and her father, creating exciting dynamics.

As the story continues, it becomes an adventure story. With the cursed gold stolen, Kora, being the only one who can find and sense it, embarks on a journey with a would-be suitor and slightly run-down ship. The crew is a unique set of characters, all of whom have strong personalities and voices. Matched up against Kora, these characters blend quite nicely, giving the narrative a strong foundation to grab the reader.

Kora herself is quite impressive. As a cursed princess, she likes to keep to herself. She is such a reserved character, but as the story continues, she grows. I love a good story where the protagonist finds comfort in their flaws, in their skin, I think it speaks a lot to the reader, making the story relatable. Kora comes into herself; she saves the crew, she saves herself, and she does it all by finding the strength inside of herself to do so.

Final Thoughts

A Touch of Gold is the first in a brilliant new series. It retells a classic Greek tale, taking the mythology and developing something new and different. It stands on its own while offering the reader a riveting adventure filled with compelling characters.

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